• Compression Stockings
We all want to enjoy healthy and active lives but with all the tasks of work and family we may forget about maintaining the health of our legs. Problems with the veins of the leg occur in both men and women of all ages but certain factors increase the risk of venous problems. Health conditions, lifestyle habits, heredity, injury, surgery, age, and pregnancy all play a role. While you are unable to control heredity, age, surgery and changes during pregnancy, you can improve lifestyle factors through exercise, good posture, avoiding inactivity, choosing good fitting clothing and footwear, and wearing gradient compression hosiery that is right for you.

Every staff member at Simple Comforts Home Medical is a certified fitter. Come in today and walk out wearing the compression hosiery you need. We’ve even got devices to easily take compression hosiery on and off. These will reduce the effort and pain when applying compression garments to the legs and even the arm.